writing/creative direction/visuals: chetjulius; graphic design: julia berg

[MA Fashion Strategy graduation project: may 2018]


In Bodies Making Meaning, I aim to regain agency over the body in the fashion magazine. I consider the fashion magazine as an extremely important disciplinary agent when it comes to the rigidity of gender’s binary codes. Through its pages we are bombarded with hyper-stylised images of what it should mean to be either a woman or a man. I aim to circumvent this binary nature of the fashion system, and subsequently reconstitute the importance of embodiment in the creation, consumption, and academic analysis of fashion. My extensive research is collected in an archival meta-magazine, where I focus on opening up fashion to embodied and affective theories. The publication serves as an exploration of my embodied research methodologies, mainly through the strategy of re-enacting. Bodies Making Meaning will serve as the starting point of my practice as researcher, writer and teacher, in which I will aim to make my audience aware of the strong influence of the gender binary that we now often take for granted.