PAMPHLET magazine (2017); a pamphlet-based magazine, calling for a recomposure of the fashion system. 

A collaboration with lisa zwiep / concept development and art direction: lisa zwiep x chetjulius; graphic design: lisa zwiep; writing: chetjulius

In seven issues (call for companions; manifesto; identity; power; retail; mind; production) we showcased several perspectives on the current state of the fashion system and how it can be changed for the better.

IOsphere (2016) is a forecasting project, developed by students of the ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy Generation #26 together with Judith ter Haar, assisted by Asu Aksu; created for project Going Eco, Going Dutch, an initiative of ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers, with support from the Province Gelderland and the City of Arnhem.

Together with five others I formed the forecasting collective IOsphere. Six identities formed a new ecosystem, used to transcend our current tainted system and catalyse awareness. As the limit-breaker, my role in the collective was to question polarised structures and power-divisions. The limit-breaker is constantly on the search for the glitches in our tainted systems, which will allow us to slip inside and change it from within. 

For Going Eco, Going Dutch we were asked to form a branding strategy for hemp as the newest sustainable fibre. Each identity explored the role of hemp in our envisioned ethic of care. The limit-breaker uses hemp as a tool to hack the endless sequence of the production and use of the cloth on our bodies. Hemp will open a pathway for the IOsphere and allow us to shatter our system's constraints.

The final installation featured a chain where each set of beads symbolised the IOsphere-concepts. In addition to the chain we also showed manifestos, a visual and a booklet. The installation was shown on several occasions in-house at ArtEZ, as well as on Modefabriek 2017.

In this project, I focused on writing and text-editing, as well as the design of the installation and the proclamation of the manifesto during the presentation.  

Internship at Studio IKKAI ~ Project #2, IAEA - 2015

In Project #2, IAEA has designed a series of digitally printed scarves with a narrative function.

The ten scarves appear identical in the physical realm, but they transform into a moving sequence when shown virtually. With this series, IAEA explores identity and all its components. Symbols and objects are assembled to question gender and identity. IAEA has developed an installation in which the scarves are presented as flags. This installation shows the juxtaposition between the flag as a tool for communicating identity, and the scarf as an accessory used merely to enhance beauty.

Photography: Iztok KlanĨar, Sponsored by: TextilFab, Installation made by: AAANNN