"at the .0 medical spa, a selection of treatments in the form of fuzzy chemicals is provided. when visiting the spa, our therapists will assist the client in selecting one or more treatments. these can either be swallowed at the facility, or taken home to enjoy later, whether alone or in company. the fuzzy pompom-pills are meant to dissolve in one’s mouth, adding another aspect of fun to the alteration process. when choosing the treatment, the client is further assisted by visuals showing an abstract version of the treatment’s effects. at the .0 medical spa we strongly believe that the symbiosis of intense thought processes with joy will open the doors to an existence where boundaries are no longer of any importance."

art direction / styling  / installation: chetjulius x lisa zwiep

animation / texts: chetjulius; collages / graphic design: lisa zwiep

In heroes of love (2017; course visual strategies 2) I teamed up with lisa zwiep to design a service for the year 2050. We married the Belgian designer raf simons and the pharma-giant pfizer and created .0 - a medical spa service, anticipating the adjustments in gender, body, sexuality and desire in 2050.

"at the .0 medical spa we aim to hand our clients the reigns to these adjustments. one of our client groups will be the heroes of love [inspired by the raf simons' cult following]. they have already reached a state of being where boundaries are meaningless. interconnectedness and experimentation is key to their existence. through our spa treatments, we will provide them with a tool to shape their leisure time. in addition we also wish to cater to those who have not yet succeeded in breaking their own codes. we want to provide them with a tool to escape the immense pressure of our system. our chemicals will allow them to change their state momentarily, letting go of the hassle of everyday life and slowly finding their way into becoming a hero of love."