In the whispering activist (2017; course visual strategies) I developed my positioning in the field of fashion. The work consisted of:

~; a participatory performance [spreading orange powder as a metaphor for my activism]

~; a proclamation of my manifesto ["as the whispering activist, I sound this battle cry:"]

~; a visual of 'boiling orange' [a metaphor of the intense power of my activism]

~; a soundscape [the sound of an electrical current being played during the proclamation, to keep my audience awake]

~; an outfit [which consisted of a juxtapostition of traditional activistic garments: the bomberjack; combat boots; with a flowy and pleated black skirt]

~; a sitting sculpture [made of foam and an orange belt]

~; I positioned myself as a whispering activist: an activist employing tactics of vulnerability to allow my audience to get close